Yuki Yuna is a Hero! - Magical Girls fight ableism!

This anime revolves around a group of friends in an after school "Hero Club". After gaining a reputation as local heroes by doing good deeds, getting involved with their community, and finding homes for stray kittens, Yuna Yuki and her friends are offered the chance to become real heroes by transforming into magical girls and defending their home from inter-dimensional beings called Vertexes. Stoked at the opportunity to do real good, the club agrees to become heroes! But as the story progresses, they learn that by using their powers, they are agreeing to lose the use of some part of their physical bodies, possibly forever. For a series squarely in an action genre where characters rely heavily on their physical strength, athleticism, and quick reflexes to navigate through the tribulations of a hero, let's explore how YYiaH manages to be an affirmative story for people with disabilities. 

Ability is addressed right away in the series, long before the issue of fighting and …